Emily Winerock

scholar, editor, web developer


Makeup Mirage

I helped design, develop, and build this MVP (minimal viable product) in a team of five. The website is a one-stop shop for those who have had adverse reactions to makeup or who suspect they have acquired counterfeit cosmetics. Site development was informed by the +100 responses we received for the user survey we created and circulated via social media. The site features trending news, ingredient information, educational resources, safety tips, and reporting information.

Technologies used: HTML, CSS, VSC, Bulma, JavaScript, Firebase, Git, GitHub, Netlify

Authentic Grace 1.0

This project was to design and develop an MVP for a front-end landing page for Authentic Grace, a fictional clothing store. The project was a collaboration with Shradha Doshi.

Technologies used: HTML, CSS, VSC, Flexbox, JavaScript, Canva, Git, GitHub, Netlify

Authentic Grace 2.0

This project is a revision and extension of the original front-end landing page for the fictional clothing store, Authentic Grace. The main addition is a product page. Whereas the first version was a collaboration, this version was done solely by Emily Winerock.

Technologies used: HTML, CSS, VSC, Flexbox, JavaScript, Figma, Git, GitHub, Netlify

HTML Newsletter

This newsletter was both a pair programming assignment for the Moms Can Code program and a real publication that was sent to followers of the Shakespeare and Dance Project. My partner, Kristi Dugan, and I used Trello to organize our ideas and tasks, we communicated via Slack and email, utilized Whereby for video conferencing, and pair programmed through VS Code Live Share with a shared repository on GitHub.

This was my first project programming in a team, and it was a thoroughly positive experience.

Technologies used: HTML, CSS, Git, GitHub

Portfolio Website

Initially, I was worried that my rudimentary coding skills would be insufficient for creating a portfolio site that looked great and worked well. Then I found Moms Can Code alum Amy McGowan's portfolio. It was perfect! Plus, Amy had made her code available on GitHub. Best of all, Amy's code included clear, useful notes and comments. With Amy's code as a guide, I was able to create a portfolio website using HTML and CSS that I am pleased to call my own.

Technologies used: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Git, GitHub

Website for MTSM 2018 Conference

For the 2018 Midwest Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics (MTSM) annual conference, I created a simple, straightforward website on WordPress.com. I worked with the conference organizers and University of Pittsburgh staff to enable attendees to register for the conference from the website, as well as find program, venue, and contact information.

About Me

I've been an English teacher and a history professor, a bookseller and a dancer. As a freelance editor, I've edited everything from market reports and trend forecasts, to theatre reviews, grant proposals, and a book about Bitcoin.

Since the 90s, I've dabbled in web design and development, creating pages for non-profit organizations and scholarly societies, as well as maintaining my very old-school website. More recently, thanks to the Moms Can Code School, I've been updating and extending my coding skills.

While computer science is generally categorized as a STEM field, I've discovered that the "eagle eye" of the editor comes in handy when coding, as do the research skills of the scholar, and the attention to balance and aesthetics of the choreographer.



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